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Clarksville United Way websiteClarksville United Way website

United Way Website

United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region serves the Clarksville, TN area as well as two other surrounding counties, partnering with over 50 charitable agencies.

They turned to CINQ to develop a more usable, user-friendly and eye-catching website for their organization…something other than the stock template sent to them by their national headquarters. The previous website was also cluttered, with users finding it difficult to locate necessary information or make a donation.

CINQ developed a robust, yet simply structured website that illustrates the mission of United Way in a simple, yet effective manner. Using the scalability of the WordPress content management system, United Way can now easily promote both news and success stories in a timely fashion as well as draw donors (UW calls them “Investors”) to talking points quickly and efficiently.

And, while a little biased, we think it looks a whole lot better as well.

Visit the United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region website.