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Is Your Website A Living Zombie?

October 28, 2013

Halloween Zombie Header

To many businesses, a website is a must-have marketing and informational tool. However, once the shiny, new car smell fades, a website can easily be pushed aside and left to die a slow, painful demise.

But, a website never REALLY DIES. It only becomes a ZOMBIE.

It walks around the Internet, eating up search results. Spreading outdated, bad information like a disease. You see, the Internet is continuously working….always on. Customers and clients are visiting your website even when you are not there. The World Wide Web does not have operating hours.

Is your website walking the Internet like a dead zombie when you’re not even working? Outdated content, an unappealing look and feel, old or unfinished pages that search engines continue to index. Nothing can stop a zombie website from dragging it’s lifeless body, missing limbs and all, across the Internet and hurting your business’ reputation.

Visitors look at your website as a reflection of your business…your virtual front door. So, ask yourself these questions…


Do I have a Rotting, Disease-Infested Zombie Website?

  • Is your content stale, old and stagnant?
  • Does your website have errors, outdated code or scripts?
  • Are you attracting spambots or malware?
  • Are visitors directed to bad pages, 404 errors due to old search engine results?

Do I have a Boarded-Up, Cobweb-Laden Old Haunted House Website?

  • Are you losing out on customers because of incorrect contact information?
  • Does your old website view incorrectly on newer browsers?
  • Does your outdated site look turn away clients?
  • Are mobile/tablet users getting a negative experience on your site?

If one or several of these questions made you say, “Hmmmm. I’m not sure,” you may have a zombie website problem.

But, a website never REALLY DIES. It only becomes a ZOMBIE.

Now Is the Time

Don’t wait until the end of the year or the beginning of the new year to consider updating your site’s look and feel, content/structure or back-end. Do it now! It may be trolling the Internet like a walking dead zombie, eating dissatisfied and non-return clients like braaa-iiins.