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CINQ’s Unique Business Card Gets National Attention

April 9, 2013

CINQ business card

The business card is NOT dead.

This small marketing token, which used to be the main networking tool for businesses and conference-goers has since been considered ancient. However, the art of handing out an eye-catching business card in order to draw new business or start communication with a colleague is alive and well.

We knew that a unique, beautiful and tactile experience in our business card was an absolute must for CINQ.

The card (pictured above) is a combination of letterpress and blind embossing and has a rigid strength. This mixture of design and texture provides the user with an enjoyable reading and tactile experience.

Simply put, the card leaves a memorable impression after we have long since left.

With this, the CINQ business card has received numerous attention from design publications, large and small. Here are a few…

This is just a sampling of the sites that have featured CINQ’s business card as a source of inspiration. But, more important to us are the tons of clients and colleagues that provide positive response to receiving, viewing and holding our card.

So, don’t assume that, in these days of websites and social media, that face-to-face networking and the art of the business card is dead.

( Thanks to The Mandate Press for a great job on our cards. )