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Frederick Start-up Community

CINQ was tasked with creating branding and identity graphics for a community geared toward advocacy and support for business start-ups in Frederick County, Maryland.

Frederick Start-up Community Logo

Frederick Start-up Community Character Illustration

Frederick Start-up Community Postcard Mailers




Avstrat is an independently owned organization that provides custom avionics solutions for small to mid-sized business and private aircraft.

CINQ’s role was to design a branding package that would build internal and external client loyalty to the trusted services Avstrat provides on, and off the tar mac.

Designed products range from logo design, branding standards, icon design, apparel, vehicle decals, signage, and corp collateral.








Watch Flippers

CINQ was tasked with creating a monogram and identity for a high-end private watch trading group.


Central Presbyterian Church

CINQ was tasked with rebranding and print design for the Central Presbyterian Church in Maryland.



Juice Pimp

Juice Pimp is a local juicer in the Washington DC Metro area providing all natural, organic juices to a niche market.

CINQ was asked to help develop a wordmark and carrot character to build a fun brand with a retro whimsical feel. We really had a lot of fun illustrating the pimped out carrot and pulling it all together with some retro and juicy type.

The mark is used to brand custom made containers, fabric delivery bags, and hangtags.


Juice Pimp - branding

Juice Pimp - tent cards

Juice Pimp - mason jar

Juice Pimp - bags and jars

Juice Pimp - hang tag

Juice Pimp - juice shaker


GeoPoll is the world’s largest mobile survey platform, with a network of 200 million users in Africa and Asia.

GeoPoll approached CINQ to develop iconography and infographics for their many case studies based on data from their surveys. Samples of our infographic designs supporting the Long Term Economic Impacts Of Ebola can be seen here (samples are listed under Monthly Infographics section):

Icon Develoment - GeoPoll
Ghanna TV Report - GeoPoll
TV Measurement Infographics - GeoPoll
Control Union Report - GeoPoll

Montgomery County, Tennessee

Montgomery County is a progressive area located less than an hour from Nashville, annually listed as one of the fastest growing municipalities in the country.

With this, they needed a new look that reflected both a progressive community and an area that respects and cherishes their deep-rooted historical significance. They also needed a more forward-thinking presence on the Web, one that used faster communication tools to better inform its nearly 200,000 residents.


CINQ’s Steve Wilson worked with county officials for over six months to develop the new identity and website system.

The identity, which illustrates the rich history of Montgomery County’s building “spires” and the area’s connection to two local rivers, is scalable for general government use as well as individual departments. It also has several interchangeable elements for use on complementary logos, such as the Public Library and Animal Care.


The new county website is like the proverbial “duck.” While it may seem simple on the surface, it actually has many moving parts behind the scenes. The new site allows for each department to log-in and edit their own specific content independently using their existing e-mail credentials. Also, special alert warning systems were built in for easy communication of county emergencies, whether easily through the public information office or automatically with the weather warning system. This system pulls warnings automatically from the National Weather Service and displays on the site, giving county officials the opportunity to focus on other immediate needs while still communicating the emergency to the public in a timely manner.

Other enhancements, such as automatic calendaring, RSS feeds and improved e-mail forms highlight the site development.

This project demonstrates CINQ’s ability to produce design/communication solutions for even the largest organizations. We’re a small agency with big capabilities!

Visit the Montgomery County, Tennessee website.