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CINQ Partners

We are an agency dedicated to the principles of good design, with offices in Clarksville/Nashville, TN, Frederick, MD/Washington, D.C. and New York City, NY

Is Your Website A Living Zombie?

To many businesses, a website is a must-have marketing and informational tool. However, once the shiny, new car smell fades, a website can easily be pushed aside and left to die a slow, painful demise. But, a website never REALLY … Continue reading

Robot #5 – Recycle-bot

Inspiration I recently took a trip to the beach to get away for a few days. As I was sitting out on the beach on a comfortable lounger in the shade of an umbrella, I closely watched the seagulls. As … Continue reading

Robot #4 – Buzz-bot

Inspiration Creating buzz has been on my mind these last few weeks. CINQ’s recent efforts to get more traffic to our Facebook Page was really a lot of fun and I thrived off the engagement of all of our new … Continue reading

Robot #3 – Moose-bot

Inspiration This inspiration for this mechanized bovine of the wild came from my wife. Michele has an affection for all things moose. In our house we have moose signage, moose figurines, moose candles, moose made of bark, moose rugs—you get … Continue reading

Robot #2 Train-bot

Inspiration This weeks robot was inspired by my daily commute on the MARC Train and my joy of being around these giant machines. I grew up near the railroad tracks and like many boys, I had a fascination with trains. … Continue reading

52 Robots – Robot #1

What Is 52 Robots? I’m glad you asked! An idea that has taken root in my regimen of experimental work is to work up some form of illustration of a robot—one per week—and share the results here on our blog … Continue reading

5 Habits That Can Help Build Professional Relationships

As I have grown throughout my career, I have discovered that there is a consistent pattern to employing habits that have lead to my success—not only in my professional life—but in my personal life as well.  I am happy to … Continue reading

5 More Things – 1 Year as a Designer Edition

Back in January, I wrote about my experiences over the first six months as a full-time designer/business owner. Well, we’re now at a year and some things have changed…while others remain the same. So, as I enter my second year … Continue reading

The Importance of Experimental Work

Is Design Art? Through my many years of being lucky enough to have a job that I truly enjoy, I have discovered the importance of experimental work and the role it plays in developing creative expression and sometimes problem solving … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Designer

Have you ever tried to fix something in your home that maybe you shouldn’t have? Just recently I had a pipe burst in my house in the second story bathroom.  And rather than call a professional plumber to fix it, … Continue reading