Agency Profile - CINQ Creative | Clarksville, TN

Who are we?

CINQ Creative is a web and graphic design, marketing and branding agency with locations in Clarksville, TN, Frederick, MD and New York, NY.

We specialize in custom website design and development using WordPress, branding and identity design and consultation and marketing/promotional campaign for small to medium-sized businesses.

We have worked with clients all over the globe in industries such as travel, religion, insurance, banking, sales/commerce and various local non-profits.


CINQ (pronounced “/sink/“) comes from the Old French word meaning “five,” standing for the five steps we follow in every project.



We seek out sensible design solutions…



to create unique visual experiences…



that capture your brand essence…



and communicate your vision…



to take your business to the next level.

Our Goal

CINQ’s goal is to become an effective design partner for your business.

By exploring ideas and using solid design principles to create strong and meaningful concepts, measuring their effectiveness, and refining the message, we work toward the success of your business…regardless of the size.

In short, whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a “mom and pop” shop, we will devote the same creativity and resources to delivering solutions for your business. You deserve an agency that cares for your business.

Services and Capabilities

CINQ enjoys working with result-driven businesses that enjoy their offerings as much as we do ours.

Services we offer include…

  • Brand Development and Reinforcement
  • Identity and Logo Design
  • Style & Brand Guide Development
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Content & Communications Strategies
  • Website Design & Development
  • Mobile Website Responsive Design
  • User Experience & Interface Design
  • Social Media Strategy & Consultation
  • Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Strategy
  • Printed Material and Packaging Design
  • Outdoor Marketing and Design
  • Video Marketing & Motion Graphics
  • Icon and Type Illustration
  • Custom Ambigram Design

We also enjoy speaking or presenting at conferences, meetings or seminars. Contact us to inquire about your next event.

Don’t see your project on the list above? We will be happy to discuss any project with you. Let’s get started!

Meet Our Team

Steve Wilson - Clarksville, TN - agency profile

Steve Wilson

Clarksville, Tennessee

Steve has nearly two decades of experience in print and digital design. From websites to brochures to videos, he can take care of all of your marketing needs. He’s also a pretty good public speaker.

Steve enjoys watching/coaching sports and traveling. He is an expert fitted sheet folder and terrible golfer.

Steph Doyle - Frederick, MD - agency profile

Steph Doyle

Frederick, Maryland

With his high energy, exceptional abilities in concept development, and practicality, Steph has earned a reputation for pushing ideas beyond the status quo that achieve successful results.

Steph approaches challenges with the same creative passion Van Gogh once did, but with one exception, he still has two ears.

Nikita Prokhorov - New York, NY - agency profile

Nikita Prokhorov

Bronx, New York

Although the youngest of the crew, Nikita is an accomplished author, teacher, designer and ambigrammist. He published his first book, Ambigrams Revealed, in 2013.

Nikita enjoys skydiving and other extreme sports as well as traveling. He is also a self-appointed professional “punnist.”