15 Minutes Podcast - CINQ Creative

Episode 8 – Karma Savage and Rajshel Juhan

In episode 8, we talk to Karma and RJ, Atlanta designers who have turned their love for comics and pop culture into a great side project.

Episode 7 – Independent Publisher Crystal Reynolds

In this episode, we talk with Canadian designer and publisher Crystal Reynolds (www.crystalink.ca) about her Creative Cupboards and MyNote projects. We also go over some of the differences between Canadian and American culture in Steph’s List.

Episode 6 – Jeff Andrews of Second Union

In episode 6, we talk with graphic designer Jeff Andrews about his passion projects, specifically the pop culture news/blog site Second Union (www.wearesecondunion.com).

Episode 5 – Sports design with Steve Wilson of Score Creative

In this episode, we talk specifically about design for sports and interview one of our hosts, Steve Wilson, of Score Creative (www.scorecreative.net). In Steph’s List, we go through some wacky minor league baseball team names.

Episode 4 – Australian designer and letterer Bobby Haiqalsyah

After a short hiatus, we are back for episode 4. We speak with Australian designer, illustrator and letterer Bobby Haiqalsyah and talk about great gadgets and toys for your office.

Episode 3 – Rusty Mitchell, Creative Director at Mercury Intermedia

In episode 3, we talk about some of the new books the guys are reading for 2017 and interview Rusty Mitchell, Creative Director of Mercury Intermedia. He talks app development/design and working with big-name clients.

Episode 2 – Amy Reyes, Designer and Sculptress

In episode 2 of the podcast, we talk about the good and bad of holiday promotions and welcome Designer/Sculptress Amy Reyes to talk about her passion projects.

Episode 1 – Introduction

In the first ever episode of the podcast, Steve and Steph discuss some new topics of interest in the design world.